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Tip #26: AWS free tier: start using these free AWS services

Get started on AWS straight away with no cost using the AWS free tier

As part of the AWS free tier, there are a few free AWS services available to customers, as follows.

AWS free tier: always free

You can leverage these AWS services within limits forever for free to fulfill basic application requirements:

  • 25 GB of standard storage for Amazon DynamoDB 
  • 1 Million AWS Lambda requests per month
  • 1 Million Amazon SNS publishes
  • 10 Amazon CloudWatch custom metrics and alarms
  • 1 TB of data transfer out Amazon CloudFront
  • 62,000 Amazon SES outbound messages per month
  • 1 Million Amazon SQS requests
  • 750 Hours of Amazon DMS Single-AZ dms.t2.micro instance usage

AWS free tier: 12 months free

Services are free to use for up to 12 months after the initial signup of a new AWS account. This provides sufficient capacity to run small scale applications using a wide range of AWS services. With this, you get:

  • 750 Hours of t2.micro or t3.micro Amazon EC2 per month
  • 750 hours of Amazon RDS (applicable DB engines) per month
  • 750 Hours per month for Classic and Application load balancers
  • 5 GB of standard storage on Amazon S3
  • 5 GB of storage on Amazon EFS
  • 30 GB of General Purpose (SSD) or Magnetic on Amazon Elastic Block Storage

AWS free tier: free trials

Short term trial is offered for the service after the first usage of the service begins. This helps you experiment and build your application around the AWS service. Some of your options are:

  • 3 months of Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)
  • 2 months of Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Personalize, Amazon Forecast
  • 30 Days for Amazon QuickSight
  • 750 Hours of Amazon Lightsail


We have listed just a few of the available AWS free services. You can find more information at:

AWS Made Easy


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