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Tip #37: How to use AWS QuickSight for better cloud cost analysis

Build dashboards in AWS QuickSight for AWS Cost and Usage Reports

Amazon QuickSight is a Business Intelligence tool offered by AWS to help customers visualize the data from multiple sources as well as use its AI and ML capabilities to perform complex analysis, detect patterns, and forecast trends.

AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) provides access to your AWS usage with comprehensive details by hour, day or month.

Here are steps you can take to build dashboards in AWS QuickSight for CUR data:

  1. Create a Cost and Usage Report – steps.
  1. Authorize QuickSight to access your Amazon S3 bucket under Manage QuickSight menu and then click on Security & permissions -> Add or remove and locate Amazon S3 in the list. If the checkbox is clear, select the checkbox next to Amazon S3 or if the checkbox is selected, click on Details. Select the S3 bucket configured in step #1 and click on Update.
  1. Open the QuickSight console, and click on Manage Data -> New Data Set -> S3. Enter a name for data source and enter S3 URI of manifest file created in step #1 and then click on Connect.
  1. Now you can click on Visualize to display all the data fields in your AWS Cost and Usage Report – samples.


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