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Tip #50: Amazon S3 cost and performance optimization

Here are three of the top recommendations to optimize Amazon S3 for cost and performance.

AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) offers incredible performance, scalability, data availability, and security. But how do you optimize your Amazon S3 spending as you take advantage of this excellent service? Below are some key approaches to reduce your AWS S3 costs:

  • Enable Intelligent Tiering: S3 Intelligent Tiering will monitor object access patterns and move objects to cheaper storage tiers when not accessed for a certain period of time.
  • Delete unused data: Create policies to remove any unused resources. You don’t want to pay for data you no longer use.
  • Parquet format: whenever possible, use the Parquet format to store your data. It allows you to access only specific columns, and allows for columnar compression. This not only speeds up your S3 queries, it also reduces costs.

For additional information on Amazon S3, check out tip #044 – AWS S3: Top 5 performance and cost questions, where we cover some of the major AWS S3 use cases and answer five of the most frequently asked questions around S3 performance and cost.

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