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Tip #47: AWS optimization – well architected framework and other tools

Learn how the AWS well architected framework and additional tools can help you optimize your AWS setup for cost and performance

AWS is one of the most customer success oriented companies out there, so ongoing AWS optimization is a priority for them. They want you to be as successful as possible, because if you as a customer loves them, then you are going to use more of their services. Below are a couple of ways they help you optimize your AWS setup for cost and performance.

AWS Well Architected Framework

The AWS Well Architected Framework is one of many useful AWS resources to guide you to understand the pillars of how to build resilient, high performance, secure applications, while also optimizing your costs. It doesn’t only contain technical information, it even helps you improve communication with your customers and better understand their requirements.

AWS cost saving tools

Rather than convincing you to spend more and more and meet sales quotas, AWS has created plenty of tools and advisories around cost savings. They created saving plans and reserved instances, created infrequent access infrastructure and intelligent tiering frameworks. They also created managed services, so you can focus on your core business while they do the heavy lifting. They invest in cost saving tools so that you can save money and utilize the right resources for the right workloads.

AWS Made Easy


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